Connecting Real Estates And Properties Globally On Blockchain

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Grow Real Estate on Blockchain

AirBNB is a community project that allows users to access a variety of real estates and properties and purchase full or part ownership of these assets in order to be part of the ever-growing real estate industry..


Our team secures investments on the best properties and provides a platform where users can manage properties using blockchain.


AirBNB is a fast growing company with strategic partnerships with major real estate and property management companies around the globe.

Global Network

Our network is accessible in various parts of the world with exceptional high quality developments that deliver value to our clients.

Problems With Traditional Real Estates and Property Management

Little or no transparency

Property data safety issues.

Title management issues

Rising issues with fraud / scam

Difficulty in negotiating a contract due to high fees/commission from traditional middleman (broker)

Solutions Offered By AirBNB

AirBNB platform adopts blockchain technology to curb safety problems by allowing listing on an immutable decentralized network, unlike Third-party property listing sites. Data stored in the blocks are highly encrypted giving high levels of safety assurance to property buyers and sellers. Safety is fostered by storing documents in AirBNB document vault which is a core product, and also issuing advanced secure property certificates in form of non-fungible tokens or collectibles. AirBNB will be a key player in Real Estate tokenization.

AirBNB ensures high commission is not the cause of failed negotiations by implementing fair commission fees, partly paid in ABNB which is the native token of the platform.


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